Creating Awareness For Childhood Obesity Using Wristbands

Childhood obesity is one of the major problems that are increasing in today’s world. This would lead to major health problems such as diabetes, thyroid, cardiovascular disease, depression, low self-esteem, and even some social problems. The sooner you take action the better your child health will be, it is imperative to take action at the early hours. Since there are loads of possibilities for it to start from newborn baby breast feeding, early diagnosis is imperative.

Reasons for child obesity:

Child obesity could be because of parents suffering from overweight. Another important reason is the junk foods that are available at the markets for lower cost; less nutritious and high in calories it leads to child obesity. Kids sit in front of the TV or computer and start eating these junk foods without going anywhere; as a result they get obese. Avoiding the physical exercise also leads to obesity.

Measures that could be taken by the parents:

Children who get addicted to the habit that is mentioned previously should be given special care. Since it can lead to mental stress measures has to be taken. Offering them some healthy food that is filling and nutritious is very important. In everyday’s meal sufficient amount of nutrients should be included that makes your child healthy and fit. Daily exercise could make them feel better as well.

Make the child engage in physical activities that would make them active throughout the day. Don’t allow them to sit at one place take them out where you could have make your kid fun and also engage them in physical activities. Encourage your child to participate more in outdoor sport activities which require more physical activity rather than indoor games which require only the mental activity.

Problems due to child obesity:

Increase in cholesterol count that leads to heart attack or stroke.
Over weight kids specially suffer from diabetes that is highly dangerous and there is also probability in decrease of their life span.
These kids feel very depressed because they come across mental and emotional trauma.

People must spread awareness about this serious issue of child obesity as it is becoming a serious problem. You could create awareness through wristbands, as these are considered as the powerful tool to spread awareness. As wristbands serve many purposes this could be used as a tool to enlighten public about the side effects of obesity which is harmful to your child. There are so many online wristbands manufacturing sites allows you to customize the bands in your own way. So design your own wristbands from one of the top wristband containing messages that are effective in creating awareness and preventing the problem of child obesity.

And wristbands are the lovable and one of the favorite accessories which make your kid love wearing it. So by making your kid wearing these kinds of customized bracelets you can easily raise awareness and also help the child understand the importance of knowing the seriousness of obesity.

What are you waiting still? Come let’s start raising awareness.

Fighting Obesity With Preventative Medicine

Obesity is becoming quite a problem in the U.S., rivaling other health concerns such as smoking and diabetes. However, it seems that Americans are still being quite drastic about the whole situation. With smoking, there have been great strides and even input from the government on monitoring the sale of cigarettes, and even where you are allowed to smoke. However, when it comes to preventing obesity, the same measures and approaches like smoking bans, negative ad campaigns, higher insurance premiums have been frowned upon or considered to unfairly demonize people who are overweight. Why are we still being so passive about obesity? We need to stop being so emotional about the subjective and be more logical. Read on to find out how this can be addressed with preventative medicine.

Preventative medicine begins with knowledge and thorough understanding of obesity, the causes, and how one’s diet and physical movement contributes and may help. We’re talking about attacking the problem at its source and starting during childhood. This takes help from parents too, to encourage their children to remain active and conscious of what they eat. The home is the place where children first are exposed to eating and lifestyle patterns. If parents set a good example for their kids early on, chances on it will stick with them later on in life, as these processes become more of an automatic process.

Preventative medicine also comes from monitoring media messages that your children are exposed to. Perhaps even explaining all these exposures rather than trying to limit all of them. While an authoritative figure remains almost defenseless against outside influences, such as fast food commercials, product placement ads, and happy meal toys, it may be almost impossible to limit entirely.

Schools also play a critical role on children, as many lunchtime meals are eaten at the school cafeteria. Despite efforts to improve lunch programs, many schools are in fact over budget and don’t have the necessary resources in place to adhere to the nutritional needs of the students.Furthermore, children who are on welfare depend on the government for subsidized meals, making school food the only source of food available to them. With that said, a great part of preventative medicine for obesity lies in a role that the government must rise up to meet. Doing away with vending machines and introducing healthier meal plans and options for kids is a great way to combat obesity.

The issues can also be alleviated if we look at the role medical insurance can play. With so many types of medical insurance out there, why is it not becoming more affordable? Many families who cannot afford medical insurance are in fact the ones who are more prone to suffering from obesity. Also, if more diet plans and nutritional help would be covered by a comprehensive medical insurance policy, maybe more families would be more aware of the effects of their diets.

Reviewing Obesity Statistics

The most recent research statistics on growing obesity disclose a dangerously overweight world population. During the last 10 years, there was a dramatic increase in obesity in the world, especially in the United States, England, and Canada. Over the years, the occurrence of obesity has also steadily increased among all genders, ages, all education levels, and ethnic groups.

Obesity is a severe health condition where a person accumulates an abnormally high proportion of body fat. This condition can increase risk of diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, hypertension, sleep apnea, and osteoarthritis. The body mass index (BMI) is the common method used to determine obesity and is based on the relation between height and weight.

Obesity statistics indicate that it is the biggest health threat that confronts America today. This warning comes from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Obesity currently results in an estimated 400,000 deaths annually. It also costs the nation a crippling $122.9 billion.

This disease significantly reduces the quality of life among adults in our nation. This disease creeps right into the fabric of our lifestyle and can cause us to become a nation of social misfits. Other serious health diseases like hypertension and diabetes can result sooner or later when obesity is present.

People who become obesity statistics are usually affected in all areas of their life. But we can come to grips with this problem. We must begin to embrace the belief that we can do it. With consistent application, things will slowly begin to turn around for us.

In the year 2001 in the United States, the Surgeon General released a report outlining the crisis of obesity that the country had fallen into. The point of the report was to generate steps towards taking care of this health problem, which has reached epidemic proportions. The following year, the IOM (Institute of Medicine) was called upon to draw up a prevention plan to help decrease the rising numbers of obese and overweight children in the United States. The idea was to study the behavior and cultural and environmental factors that contribute to childhood obesity while trying to find ways of preventing this from occurring on such a large scale.

The problem of children being obese is a grave one, in that it can have lasting effects on one’s emotional and physical health. In the year 2000, it was estimated that about a third of all children born in the United States are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes in their lifetimes.

In addition, there are the emotional and psychological repercussions that come with being overweight and obese. Young people are often stigmatized for their weight in a society that has little tolerance for this condition.

The key to combating obesity seems to lie in energy balance – that is controlling the amount of calories that are consumed versus the amount of calories that are expended. So in other words, when we talk about fighting obesity, we have to talk about both eating and physical activity. This might seem pretty simple, but the fact is eating and physical activity are caught up in a number of complex social and environmental forces. In the last three decades that have seen the epidemic of obesity balloon out of proportion, the society has undergone major changes.