You Can Help Prevent Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is one of the hardest challenges faced by parents, and new parents are looking for steps to prevent childhood obesity from being a problem in their kid’s lives. This becomes a challenge because not all parents are very effective in showing their kids how to eat a proper diet. Whether people admit it or not, they sometimes become doting parents who want to shower their child with love and affection; and this affection usually comes in the form of the foods they eat.

However, parents should also understand that not teaching their kids about good nutrition and fitness will only add to their future misery. Obese children are often bullied and made fun of to the point that it is hard for obese children to enjoy their childhood. In addition, they will often grow up with very low self-esteem which hinders their capacities and prevents them from becoming all they can. Because of this, parents should really know the steps to prevent childhood obesity if they want to give their children a healthy social life.

To understand the steps to prevent childhood obesity, it is important to understand why obesity happens in the first place. This will make it easier to understand the drastic steps needed to reduce the weight of the children.

The most common case of childhood obesity is lack of exercise. With the growing technology today, we can now see children absentmindedly sitting in front of computers and playing video games for hours on end. Instead of running around the neighborhood exercising their muscles and enhancing their metabolism, they sit idly for hours burning very few calories. Without exercise, chances are that children will develop obesity at an early age. So as a parent, you should encourage different kinds of physical activities for your kids so their bodies will burn the food they eat.

In addition to the lack of exercise, seeds of obesity are planted when children are exposed to large amounts of food rich in sugar. Children in general are sweet-toothed, and they are likely to eat sweet foods such as ice cream, cakes, doughnuts, and chocolate in very large amounts. To help prevent your child from suffering from obesity, you should encourage a healthy diet. Limit the amount of sweets you have in your home. Instead, fill a bowl with fresh fruits and vegetables and encourage your kids to eat them. Avoid putting desserts after every meal, and teach them to drink lots of water to neutralize their taste buds.

We can put an end to the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. It is time to take control and teach the kids of today healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle!

How to prevent childhood obesity

How to prevent childhood obesity (Prevent childhood obesity):

In the latest survey made by WHO states that over 300 million people were suffering from obesity due to health related problems. In which 5%of them were children. So, prevention of childhood obesity should be carried in the early stage of its occurrence.

Obesity is viewed as the serious problem in children. Obesity is referred as the accumulation of excess fat content in the body. Obesity can occur to all age groups .Obesity is caused when the body consumes more calories than it burns.
Obesity has a predominant effect on children’s life. It causes many health risk problems like over weight, cancer, osteoarthritis, heart disease, type 2
and breathing difficulties. It also causes social and emotional problems. Children suffering with obesity also suffer obesity in adult age. Obesity prevention in childhood should be taken to avoid the above mentioned health risk problems.

Obesity is caused by many factors like:

• Dietary calories
• Genetic problems
• Sedentary life style
• Infectious agents
• Medical and psychiatric illness
• Social determinants

These obesity factors cause obesity in childhood. But most of the medical practitioner still believes that obesity is mainly caused by more calories intake and lack of physical exercise. These obesity factors increases health problems with increase in age. So prevention of obesity in childhood should be taken immediately.

Obesity Prevention in childhood: Preventing obesity in childhood should be taken as serious job because of its adverse effects .Childhood obesity prevention should be done by considering its causing factors. By taking some of the preventive measures we can prevent childhood obesity.

1. Giving low calorie content food in childhood: Give calorie deficit content to stop gaining excess body weight. For this you have to give a less food intake at regular intervals of time. Avoid giving junk foods which contains oil, sugar and flour. Giving fiber-rich foods like apples, oranges, grapes, broccoli and lemon can prevent childhood obesity. Make a track record of their diet and checkout the. Let them to drink 10-15 glasses of water daily to avoid hunger. It helps in increasing metabolism rate and reduces over weight.

2. Breastfeeding and low solid food intake: Breastfeeding is must and should in their childhood, as mother’s milk contains more protein food which helps them in having effective metabolism rate. Generally effective metabolism rate will avoid the occurrence of childhood obesity. And during childhood allow them to take low solid content food, as it contains more fat content food leading to childhood obesity.

3. Make a habit of doing regular exercises: Natural exercisesplays a key role in fighting against childhood obesity. If the metabolism rate is high in the body then it will be easy to lose weight and if the metabolism rate is low then easy to gain more weight. So, in order to maintain high metabolism rate make them to do regular exercises like walking, Aerobic exercises, skipping, jumping, cycling, weight lifting exercise, swimming and sit-ups.

4. Limit them to watch television: Avoiding television watching by the children will prevent them from obesity. Due to sedentary activities, they gain more excess weight and results in childhood obesity. So, avoid them to watch TV and having snacks while watching it.

Prevention of obesity in childhood is very important because it causes many health risk problems. Children suffering with obesity also suffer obesity in adult age, these obesity causing factors increases health problems with increase in age. So, avoiding obesity in childhood is very essential to lead a safe and healthy life

Adult Obesity Diet

Obese and overweight isn’t one and the same things. People suffering from obesity have a huge amount of extra fat, not just little bit extra body fat. An obese person is easily prone to serious health hazards.

Hazardous Obesity

Obesity gives birth to serious diseases like type two diabetes, heart diseases and stroke; it also leads to cancer and premature death. The risk of diabetes is significantly related to obesity, the risk of morbidity, mortality and chronicle illness are serious threats associated with diabetes. The condition has worsened in the recent times, obesity and diabetes are responsible for around 300,000 deaths in U.S alone, and there has been a concurrent increase in diabetes related to obesity. Obesity is responsible for health havocs such as:-


Being overweight may increase the risk of developing several types of cancer, like cancers of the colon, esophagus, and kidney, uterine and postmenopausal breast cancer in women.


High cholesterol is caused by the build up of excess fatty substances in the artery walls.

Sleep Apnea

Fat stored in the neck and throughout the body can produce substances that cause inflammation. Inflammation in the neck may be a risk factor for sleep apnea.

Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease occurs when fat builds up in the liver cells and causes injury and inflammation in the liver.


Being overweight and eating a diet high in fat, particularly saturated fat, is a major contributor to the formation of gallstones.


In addition, people with more body fat may have higher blood levels of substances that cause inflammation. Inflammation at the joints may raise the risk for osteoarthritis.

Adult obesity is moving to the top of the list as the nations #1 killer. As Americans continue to eat themselves to death being overweight may soon pass up tobacco the leading cause of death according to a U.S. government study.

The gap between deaths due to poor diet, adult obesity and inactivity and those due to smoking has narrowed but not due to a decrease in smoking. Of course, this means the gap has narrowed due to an increase in being overweight.

“Americans need to understand that overweight and obesity are literally killing us.” said health secretary Tommy Thompson, adding that the study’s finding. “should motivate all Americans to take action to protect their health.”

Obesity in a person is determined by analyzing a person’s body weight, height and age. Body-mass index (BMI) categories were used to define weight. Here, the score is obtained by dividing the body weight in kilogram (kg) by height in centimeter (cm). According to World Health Organization figures 2000, a healthy BMI is considered between 18.5 and 25, 25 to 29 overweight and above 30 is obese.

To overcome this adverse situation, first and foremost is to take a healthy, balanced diet. Pay Attention in early developing stage, because if the childhood obesity persists till adolescence, it will continue to be like this till adulthood.

As a preventive measure to obesity, it is advised to start a day with a good breakfast which is very beneficial. It must be the assemblage of fruits, protein, calcium and fiber. Requirement of calories in a body varies gender wise, and for girls between 11-18 years, calorie requirement is 2200 calories per day, and for boys of same age groups, the requirement is 2500-3000 calories per day, and this requirement should be supplemented equally with the diet.